1. Full Production

Full production means that all of your material will be re-recorded here at the TMG Studios based on the demo tracks you will submit, as well as the direction you and your producer will discuss in depth over the phone. A Tate Music Group producer will create the music tracks for your project. All of our producers at TMG Studios are experienced and trained studio musicians.

If recording vocals in the TMG Studios, a scheduled time will be provided to you after the needed material below is received.  We typically schedule studio time for about 6 hours total if you are only recording vocals here.  Your producer will be assigned about a month prior to your studio time to get started on tracking the instrumentals.

There is an eight song limit for full in-house production. If you have more than eight, you can submit up to twelve songs. Your producer will work with you to determine the best eight songs for your album when he is assigned about a month before your studio time.

Keep in mind the time limit on songs–songs over 5 minutes in length will count as 2 songs for TMG’s production purposes (ie. if you have a long song, your total song limit that we can do production on may be reduced to 7).  Radio will generally only play songs that range from 3:30 to just under 4:00 in length, so it is important to make sure that each song is well arranged and contains no unnecessary material.

What we need from you:

Full Production


These are rough recordings of the songs you are planning to use for this upcoming album. Your producer will use these to determine the style and sound you are wanting for the songs.

Each demo must be recorded from the beginning to the end of the song with all of the sections (ie. intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) in the order that it is to appear in the song, including key changes.

The demos do not have to be done professionally, but must include a vocal and an instrument (piano or guitar) playing the chords, and preferably played to a metronome.

Demo Example

The demos must be submitted in mp3 format via email to [email protected] Please DO NOT submit WMA’s or CDA’s, due to some incompatibility issues.  The files should be named the song titles rather than just track 1, track 2, etc.

Absolutely NO cassette tapes, reel-to-reel, DAT, or ADAT will be accepted.

YouTube or video demos cannot be accepted.

These will be needed along with the album text document before we can schedule any studio time or tracking. See “where to send your material.”

For organizational purposes, we can’t accept any revised demos. We will only file the first demos that you send for production. If you need to send any revisions, send those directly to your producer when he/she is assigned.

Album Text

The following should be pasted together all in one Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format document. Do not put any text in ALL CAPS. See “where to send your material.” This document must be a computer file. We can’t accept printed documents sent in the mail or by fax.

Click Here to View Sample Album Text


- We require lyrics for each song on the project. Use Times New Roman 12 point font and the song titles should be bold. Please delineate (write out completely) the verses, choruses, and bridges and in proper song order as best as you can determine at this stage. If any lyrics are in a language other than English, you must provide the English translation in this document.


-Before production on your album can be started you must fill out and return our questionnaire about your music. This document is attached to your initial welcome email from Michelle Cabaral and contains both an album questionnaire and individual song questionnaires. This is the foundation for the direction that our producers will take when creating your songs so be very specific and include any information you want your producer to be aware of.

Click Here to Download the Questionnaire Document

Thank you’s and credits:

-You may need to make adjustments to these later, but please provide your album thank you’s and credits (who did what). Word limit on thank you’s is 150 words.

Album headline:

-For the album headline please write 20-40 words as if you were describing your album/music to someone who has never heard it. Please include your musical genre and influences. This will be used for marketing your album and will appear with your album on our website for potential customers to read. This should be in third person as if someone else is writing this about you.

Artist bio:

-In this document, write 50-200 words. This section should include things like your influences, the instruments you use, your musical experience, your band history, etc. This will be used in marketing, especially in your EPK, and should also be in third person.

TMG Sample Album Questionnaire

What is your artist name or band name you want to go by?
Sample Artist

What is the name of your album?
Sample Album Title

In what order do you want the songs to appear on the album?
1. Song One
2. Song Two
3. Song Three
4. Song Four
5. Song Five
6. Song Six
7. Song Seven
8. Song Eight

Are you recording with a band or are we creating the tracks for your album?
I need instrumental tracks from TMG.

If you are a band, what gear are you bringing to record with?

If you are a band, what gear do you need?

If you could only release three songs on the album what would they be?
Song One, Song Two, Song Three

List no more or no less than 2-3 artists you would like to sound somewhat similar to, not a complete copy, but in the same ballpark.
Sanctus Real, Switchfoot, Casting Crowns

Where to Send Your Material

All of your images for your album artwork should be sent to [email protected] You can also send any questions to that email address with regarding templates, file formats, panels, etc.

All of your audio files and your album text should be emailed to [email protected] Be sure to stay under 10MBs per message or the messages won’t come through. When emailing files you should receive an auto-response email to confirm that an email arrived from you in that account. If you do not, please resend it or contact us to make sure it came through.

You can upload large audio files (.wav or .aiff) directly to our server via SFTP. You will need to email us at [email protected] request that information.

NOTE: All previously recorded material must be approved by the Tate Music Group production staff. Submit them according to the TMG guidelines and our staff will be in contact with you to discuss further production needs.

Production Process:

Full Production Process

1. We receive the material required and get any studio time scheduled.

2. The tracking producer sends you his initial email.

  • Your tracking producer will usually contact you about a month before your studio time. This is the first contact you will have from your producer. This email contains general information, what you can expect during your tracking phase, and when your producer will be contacting you by phone.
  • Although our producers work one-on-one with you as the artist, they truly aren’t alone. We have a talented staff with years of experience in all arenas of music from production to road experience, etc. We always say that with the experience of our group of producers there is always a solution to any problem, and we truly never work alone.

Note: Requests for Changes
Once your producer begins tracking your project there is very little room for any changes to be made to the songs. This is why the initial questionnaires, demos, phone calls, and emails are so important. This is the artist’s opportunity to make sure all of their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions are heard and to make sure the producer and you are on the same page. Once all of the tracks are laid down we can’t go back and change things like tempo or adding additional instruments or parts to the arrangements that weren’t discussed in the initial questionnaires, phone calls, or emails. We have the ability to take tracks out at this point, but once tracking has begun, there is no starting over from scratch. All of this to say, be sure you let your producer know exactly what you are expecting.

Your input as an artist is so important to the production process! However, your producer must take into account many factors when creating an album, such as song length, the format of the arrangement, dynamics of the song, etc. Your producer will use your notes from the questionnaires, emails, and initial phone call when tracking your album, but they will also take into consideration these factors as well, and will use their professional discretion to make the best possible album.

3. The tracking producer sends you the instrumental tracks.

  • The instrumental tracks will be sent to you by your producer before your studio time so that you will be able to rehearse with them before you record your vocals.

4. Vocals recorded at the TMG studios.

  • We run our sessions in half days (morning and afternoon sessions) for a few reasons. The main reason being that we don’t want to work your voice too hard for an extended period of time. We ask that you definitely come prepared and practiced. Preferably warm up before you get here as well. Lastly, make sure that if we did tracking for your album, that you have listened to them and know how each song goes. The studio is the last place we want to get in and “wing it”, so thank you for coming prepared!

5. Mixing and mastering by a TMG producer.

6. Final music files sent to you.

  • Before your final tracks are sent off to you for the proofing stage they are reviewed by our Executive Producer Don Johnson. No project can move to the design department without his okay. Don has over 25 years of experience in the music industry and brings a bevy of knowledge and experience to our production team.

7. Album sent to artwork production.